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Watauga County Law Enforcement Auxiliary
Motorcycle Safety

A big part of motorcycle safety is awareness by other drivers that motorcycles are on the roads. Drivers should stay focused on driving and aware of their surroundings so that we can all travel safely on the highways.

Look for motorcycles - Although their riding season is not necessarily year-round, motorcyclists ride in all types of weather.

Check your mirrors and blindspots - Before making a turn or a lane change, check all your mirrors. Motorcycles are smaller than four-wheeled vehicles and may be more difficult to see.

Signal your intentions - Always alert other motorists of your intentions. It is greatly appreciated.

Watch your turns - Many multi-vehicle crashes involving motorcycles are the result of the driver turning into the path of the motorcycle. Left turns are particularly dangerous, because many drivers misjudge the speed of an oncoming motorcycle. "When in doubt, wait it out."

Create some space - Skilled motorcyclist are safe operators. Give them room to maneuver and avoid tailgating.

Avoid driver distractions - Any activity inside a motor vehicle can distract the driver enough to cause a crash. Driving is not a part-time job!

They're your neighbors - Motorcyclists come from all walks of life. Perhaps your neighbor, a co-worker or even a family member rides a motorcycle. To learn more about people who ride a motorcycle, ask them.

Share the road safely...

"Ride Smart. Drive Smart"